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Music is my up.

clock 2 years ago

The Fun Lovin‘ Criminals band member, Fast talks exclusively to us about his new music and what fired him up to make it.

We’re proud to count Fast as part of our movement. We’ve admired his work since ’93 when his band the Fun Lovin’ Criminals were mixing up the airways with their fusion of high energy hip hop, smooth jazz, soulful blues and funky ballads, let’s not forget riding around New York on BMX bikes to one of their all time classics ‘Love Unlimited’.

But it’s his solo work that, in our opinion, sets Fast apart. First his ‘Unreleased Instrumentals’ record released in 2012, followed up in 2013 with ‘Limelight’. Then at the end of 2019 he releases the amazing ‘Saudade’. Saudade is a Portuguese word that roughly translates to ‘the love that remains’ which to us talks of a passion that will never die. During Covid-19 when gyms and clubs were closed, we had the album on repeat. Getting our daily ‘allowed’ exercise fix we ran to ‘Back in the Daze’, practiced yoga at home to ‘In the Dark’ and chilled in the garden to the reflective vibes of ‘Beyond the Infinite’.

Launching UP, there was only one person we wanted to compose our promo video and advertising music. Over to you Fast…

“Music is such an important part of our daily lives. Whether you are exercising, relaxing or travelling, music is the soundtrack to our emotional state.”

When asked by the owner of UP if I wanted to write music to support their mission of sustainable, responsible clothing with a focus on mental health I was very interested. Music, fashion, health and environmental awareness are all linked and I am passionate about each.

I released an ambient album in late 2019 called SAUDADE, which is a collection of instrumental music with an emphasis on the various emotions we all feel. The music was written over a 10 year period to allow my emotional experiences to grow. I am a big fan of instrumental music and the space it creates to allow one’s thoughts to achieve a peaceful balance.

Preview the new album

Our thoughts determine how we see and live our lives. We must all work together to support and protect our families, friends and this gift of a planet which provides for us all.

I hope you all enjoy




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